Friday 11 February 2011

Desktop log viewer released

A Qt-based desktop application for viewing logs received across the network has been released. It incorporates some of the feedback gratefully received following an earlier post with screencast.

The viewer has mandatory dependencies on Qt4 and PyQt4, and optional dependencies on ZeroMQ and pyzmq. Because these packages have non-trivial installation procedures (as they use C extensions) and because there may be an old (conflicting) version of Qt installed, the packaging of the application is in binary forms for Windows, Mac OS X (Intel only) and Linux.

A source distribution is also provided; this assumes that you have PyQt4 and optionally pyzmq already installed.

Downloads are available from the project site, where you can also report issues.


The Linux binary was smoke-tested on: Fedora 14, Ubuntu (Jaunty, Karmic, Maverick), Linux Mint 10 (Ubuntu and Debian variants), Debian Lenny and OpenSUSE 11.3. It looks better on some than on others, but seems to work on all these platforms.

The Windows binary was smoke-tested on Windows XP and Windows 7.

The Mac OS X binary was smoke-tested on Leopard (Python 2.5).

All feedback gratefully received. Please post issues on the project site (requires a Google account), and also feel free to use the mailing list.